UC Browser

Provides a smooth experience while surfing, downloading files or watching videos

UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.

UC Browser is a browser that can be used for accessing news and downloading videos. It was designed for use with smartphones and other mobile devices. This app uses cloud acceleration and data-compression technology. This allows the app to run smoothly and efficiently without eating away at any system resources. UC Browser servers act as a kind of proxy that compresses webpage data before sending it on to the user.

UC Browser is built to allow users to download multiple files at once. It offers blinding-fast download speeds. HTML5 web app syncing and cloud syncing is available through UC Browser as well. If you're looking to find something new to watch, UC Browser makes it easy for you to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

Simple and intuitive controls allow the user to adjust brightness, volume and other perimeters with ease. A Night Mode is available to make viewing easier on your eyes in dimmer lighting. When downloading content, UC Browser remains stable. If a download connection is broken, this browser continues the download from the breaking point. UC Browser also has a special feature that speeds up performance when viewing Facebook.